Requesting credit increase

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If you need to increase your available credit, you can request a credit increase via the application itself.

To do it, open the "Management" menu and click on "Credit Requests".


Credit Requests

This area will show you the history of all credit requests made by your sub-agency and allows you to ask for a credit increase by clicking on the "Request credit" button.


Requesting Credit

When you click on the "Request credit" button, the credit request form will open from the right to enable you to request a credit increase based on a Credit Request or on a Money Deposit.

Credit request

Money deposit

If you choose "Money Deposit" you will be able to add a file which can be used to attach a bank transfer or money deposit receipt.

When the request is made, the request will be stored with the "Pending" status and your consolidator/host agency is alerted about the request made. Your credit will not be increased immediately after making the request, but only after your consolidator/host agency approves it.

Your consolidator/host agency can then:
- approve the total amount requested which will make your available credit increase by the amount requested;
- approve a part of the amount requested which will make your available credit increase by the amount accepted;
- rejected.


Canceling a Credit Request

If for some reason you need to cancel the request you can do it as long as your consolidator/host agency hasn't yet acted on it. Just click on the cross icon aligned with the request you wish to delete.

As you can see below after the request has been accepted the ability to cancel it will no longer be available.


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