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Consolidators and Sub-agencies might want to add specific remarks to the PNR. Remarks may require information that needs to be entered by the user making the booking, like a client number or the travel agency may just want to add a specific fixed text each time a booking is made. TTS Consolidator supports both cases.


How does it work for a Consolidator?

Consolidator can create remarks that are applied to all sub-agencies and can create create remarks per sub-agency. 
To create a remark that appears for all sub-agencies, click on the Settings page of the main menu, and to create a remark for a specific sub-agency, go to Management > Agencies Management, click on "Agencies non-IATA" (1.) and then click on the settings page of the sub-agency you are looking for (2). 

And for both cases, scroll down until you find the "Remarks" block. 

In the Settings page of the sub-agency, the consolidator can see all the custom remarks associated with that sub-agency, both the remarks created by the consolidator and the ones created by the sub-agency.


How does it work for a Sub-agency?

To create a remark go to your main menu, click on Settings and then scroll down until you find the "Remarks" block.  

A sub-agency will inherit the remarks created by the Consolidator that are applicable to the sub-agency and can create theirs, which means their bookings will have the remarks created by the consolidator for all sub-agencies and the ones created for that sub-agency in particular and also the remarks created by the sub-agency itself.


Create a Remark

To create a remark, click on the "New remark" button. 

The remark form will appear from the right for you to fill-in with your remark parameters.

A remark is characterized by:

1. Name
The remark name that is sent to the GDS

2. Label
Label that is shown to the user in the booking page for him to fill-in.

3. Default Value
Default value is the string/text that is placed in the remark field by default and will be the text sent to the GDS if nothing is entered by the user so,

if the remark is visible to the user, the default value will appear in the remark respective text box and the user can change it to whatever he wants. In this case, this feature might be used to give a hint to the user or show the format in which the information should be entered;

if the remark is not visible to the user, the default value will be the value that is sent to the PNR.

4. Separator
Character that will be used by the GDS to separate the remark Name from the remark value (which can be the default value or the information given by the user)

5. Mandatory
If this field is activated, the system will only close the booking if this field is filled-in.

6. Visible
The remarks with this option activated will be added to the booking page. This option should only be activated if the remark requires information from the user.

7. Order

Defines the order in which the remarks appear in the booking page and in the PNR.

8. Inactive
Allows the user to activate/deactivate a remark.


How will custom remarks appear in front-end and in the PNR?

Consider the following set of remarks assigned to a sub-agency.

The image below shows how visible remarks will appear in booking page.

1. The remarks named "APP" and "Sub-AGENCY" don't appear in the booking page because they have been set as not visible.
2. The remark named "PC" doesn't appear in the booking page because it has been set as inactive.

The remarks will be added to the PNR in the format you see below:

1. The remarks named "APP" and "Sub-AGENCY" have been added to the PNR with the default value assigned.
2. The remark named "PC" doesn't appear in the PNR because it has been set as inactive so it is not in use.



Edit a Remark

To edit a remark just click on the "pencil" icon inline with the remark you wish to edit, change the information you want to and click on "Save".


Why some remarks don't have the edit functionality available?

This only happens for sub-agencies. The remarks not available for edition are the ones created by the Consolidator which can only be changed by the consolidator.


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