Exporting Reports

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Reporting is available to consolidators/host agencies and sub-agency super users.

To access Reporting, go to Management > Reporting and you will be able to generate your own reports.


There are two types of reports available, Ticketing History and Account Transactions.

Agency: this field lets the consolidator/host agency define a specific sub-agency to get the data for, however, if no sub-agency is selected, all sub-agencies data will be included in the report created. To select a sub-agency start typing the sub-agency name and the matching options will drop down for you to choose.
This option is only available for consolidators/host agency super users.

Date Range: allows you to input the date range for which would like to export data.


Ticketing History

Ticketing History report includes information related with the tickets issued in TTS Consolidator on the date range selected and there's three report types available for this data: PNR (booking), ETK (ticket) SEG (Segment).

If a ticket has been voided it will appear with the value "TRUE" in the column "Tkt Voided" in the report "per ticket".


Account Transactions 

Account Transactions report includes all the transactions made in the account for the date range selected. 


Please note that Reporting data is generated daily at 00:00 GMT. 


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