How to install TTS Consolidator Smartpoint Plugin

Ana Paula Nova -

Steps to install Smartpoint Plugin:


1. Download the Smartpoint Plugin at:

2. Unzip the file, open the corresponding folder and find the ConsolidatorPlugin.dll

3. If you're using Windows you need to check the unblock option for the dll file, to accomplish this do the following steps:

a) Right click on ConsolidatorPlugin.dll and select "Properties"


b) In the "Security" section of "Properties" window select the "Unblock" checkbox



4. Copy the ConsolidatorPlugin.dll file to <your Travelport directory>\Smartpoint.  (E.g.: C:\Program Files(x86)\Travelport\Smartpoint)




5. Type #DELETEPLUGINCACHE in your Smartpoint terminal




6. Restart your Smartpoint application



7. After restarting you can test it by typing the command TCHELP. It should return the instructions on all the available commands. If you get an error, recheck the steps above.


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