Setting up GDS Core Hotels

Claudia Lopes -

To manage your GDS Core Hotels content, go to "Settings" > Content > GDS Core Hotels.




Click on the "Main Settings" tab from the new bar, as seen below.


A list of main settings already configured for companies will appear here. 

to add a new one, click the + icon.

  • Choose a company or all to configure.
  • Select from the dropdown menu if payment will be requested from client credit card or one of the credit cards already setup on TTS Corporate. By clicking "New" below this menu, you will be directed to the "Stored Credit Card" area where you can add more credit cards to your profile.
  • You can assign queues for your GDS Hotel bookings here:
    • assign a queue to send created bookings;
    • assign a queue to send bookings ready for ticketing;
    • assign a queue to send any cancelled bookings.
  • Choose "Yes/No" to apply Markup Fees only when an agency credit card is used.
  • Select which fares to show: All Fares or Private Fares only.
  • Click "Save".

Now you can move along to "Preferences" where you can add any preferred and/or blacklisted GDS Core Hotels. Click here to know more. 


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