Customize Markup Fees for GDS Core Hotels

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TTS Corporate also allows you to add and tailor Markup Fees to your Contents and companies. Markup Fees will be incognito and therefore, will be exhibited as part of the fare.


To access Markup Fees Settings go to "Settings" > Features & Services > Markup fees.

In this area, all content is available for you to configure your Markup Fees.



Select "GDS Hotel" tab to configure Markup fees for GDS Core Hotels. A detailed list of your already settled markup fees will appear, which you can edit by clicking the pencil icon or delete by clicking X.

To create a new Markup Fee setting, click the + icon.




  • Company
    • Select effectiveness for all companies or choose one.
  • Region Name
    • Select if this markup fee applies to all regions or select one from the dropdown menu (To know more about Regions, click here)
  • Hotel Chain
    • You can leave this option blank if this setting applies to all hotels. If you want it to apply a markup fee to a specific hotel chain, start typing a Hotel Chain and choose the one you want to be ruled by this fee.
  • Hotel Code
    • You can leave this option blank if this setting applies to all hotels. If this markup fee is strictly to one hotel, insert here the matching Hotel Code of the desired hotel.
  • Country
    • If all, leave blank. To restrict for a specific country, type country name and choose country from the list.
  • Set mandatory start date for when this markup fee will be activated (end date is not mandatory).
  • Amount
  • Amount %
  • % Based On
    • If you choose to fill in a percentage amount (Amount %), you will have to specify here if this applies to the Fare or the Total price.
  • Custom Remark for Fee
    • Free-text box to insert a remark for this fee.
  • Click "Save".
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