Setting your preferences to GDS Core Rent-a-Car

Claudia Lopes -

After GDS Core Rent-a-car Main Settings are arranged, you can add preferred and/or blacklisted car rental suppliers to your companies. 


Go to "Settings" > Content > GDS Core Rent-a-Car. Choose the "Preferences" tab.


  • Company
    • Select effectiveness for all companies or choose one.
  • Type
    • Select from the dropdown menu, if you're configuring a preferred or blacklisted arrangement.
      • Preferred: list a preferred supplier if you wish a certain GDS Rent-a-Car supplier to appear firstly on the search result screen. Amongst the availability for your search criteria, suppliers listed as preferred will appear first, even when the fare is more expensive.
      • Blacklisted: if any GDS Rent-a-Car supplier is blacklisted, it won't show up on the search result screen. 
  • Supplier Name
    • Start typing the supplier name to see results and choose the appropriate one. Supplier Code will automatically be assumed on the Supplier Code box.
  • Click "save".

You can configure as many preferred and/blacklisted settings as you'd like for each or all your companies. By clicking on the pencil icon in front of each configuration, you can easily edit these at anytime.


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